Innovative Graphic Solutions
for Over 70 Years.

We are WEG

Yes, we are West Essex Graphics Inc. With innovative graphic solutions that help brand owners move seamlessly and efficiently from concept to shelf, we’re about providing the ultimate customer experience by working closely with you every step of the way.

We are focused

Our customers are the reason we’re here and maximizing the experience is all that matters. We’re building trust, delivering value, and pushing the boundaries of our craft each and every day.

We are relationships

Eliminate the layers and what do you get? Direct access to the right people, timely answers to your questions and guaranteed follow-through on promises. It’s just our daily routine.

We are about culture

We start with a mutual respect for Clients, Partners & Staff to create an environment where every stakeholder has a voice. The result – packaging art that’s the best it can be.

We are always thinking

WEG is always looking beyond the obvious for ways to improve the end result and your bottom line. How we help our clients reach new levels in sales and improve their brand consistency is our measure of success.

We are about interaction

Beginning with the end in mind. It’s a bottom-up approach that ensures every step is considered. Our steady eye on quality is what you should expect and what your brands deserve.

We are about innovation

No fear in being first. That’s why we’re committed to having the latest technology to set you apart when you need it… and the business sense to let you know when you don’t.